"Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift"
—Albert Einstein


Quotations, when combined with images, give me great joy and satisfaction. They allow me to marvel at life and to appreciate all the good and simple things that make our lives so enriched and enjoyable.

"There comes a time - it is the beginning of manhood or womanhood - when one realizes that adventure is as humdrum as routine unless one assimilates it, unless one relates it to a central core which grows within and gives it contour and significance. .. It is not what one does, but what one realizes, that keeps existence from being vain and trivial. Mankind moves about in worlds not realized. It is the artist..... who realizes human experience, who takes the raw lump of ore we find in nature, smelts it, refines it, assays it, and stamps it into coins that can pass from hand to hand and make every man who touches them the richer."
—Lewis Mumford