"See for the simple pleasure of seeing!"
—Bill Brandt

Some Thoughts

Photography to me is an art form of the highest calibre. It can hold that magic decisive moment forever in our hearts and minds. The ability to have a true record of a valued event is an everlasting treasure. There are no ordinary moments in life, so we must continually remind ourselves that we are on our planet for just a relatively short time—and appreciate that Nature has been so much longer. If we can use our cameras as extensions of ourselves to record these moments then we are more likely to be able to make a statement about how we feel about something we see.

Henri Cartier-Bresson, the world's greatest photojournalist, often said that no picture could be successful unless it grew from love and comprehension of people and an awareness of "man facing his fate" which requires concentration, a discipline of mind, sensitivity and a sense of geometry. You have to be economical to arrive at simplicity of expression and this is what I also have tried to do. I do believe that "less is more".